Referencing data in List View

Hello, a few days ago I managed to reference data of the child elements outside the List View through .instanceValues. I wrote the transformer and all was fine.

let fieldsInstanceValues = {{wt_edit_fields.instanceValues}};

fieldsInstanceValues.forEach(a => delete a.primaryKey);

let templateFields = {
    return { 
     place: row.wt_edit_fields_place, 
     label: row.wt_edit_fields_label, 
     fixed: row.wt_edit_fields_value_fixed, 
     value: row.wt_edit_fields_value 

return templateFields;

Today I opened Retool and it does not work - returning null, although enableInstanceValues is true. The problem is that instanceValues does not seem to be even documented by Retool.

I really need a simple way how to access data in List View. Is there any better solution than doing magics with change states? I loved the simple reference to instance values..

Hey, I am experience similar issues where I am trying to access Data within the listView but just can't due to it not being supported. Can you share about how did you enable instance values? I can't seem to find anything documented about it but sure enough it is a method available in the retool!! Thanks.

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out! It looks like this was a new feature that we started to introduce and then rolled back due to a bug, so that's why it hasn't made it to the docs yet. It should be rolling back out soon :slightly_smiling_face:

The state approach is my best suggestion in the meantime