Reference all module outputs as object

Hi community

I'm looking to reference all of a module's outputs as an object. Is there a way to do this?

Hi, you should pack all variable you need to output and assign it to an object?
some thing like this.


you could wrack the the object with {{ {a:1} }}

Yes, I'm hoping there's a programmatic way to access the outputs, rather than declaring them each explicitly.

Hi @nate_s

Is this your use case:

1). Create a module and define several outputs

2). Import the module into an app

3). Programmatically reference all of the module's outputs in your app

If so, you could have some naming convention so that you can programmatically identify which module properties are outputs. For example, my module has 3 outputs (output1, output2, and output3), so I am able to query all properties of my module that include the word output

Let me know if I'm misunderstanding your use case! I also agree that @AnsonHwang's suggestion could be even easier where you're just doing one output with all of your data