Recover our workspace

Some years ago a developer in our org created a Retool workspace with our company name, but has since forgotten what email he used to create this, although it should be an email from our company domain.

Since we want to start using Retool again, we'd like to recover access to this company name workspace. Is there any way to retrieve the email address that is associated with this workspace? It's an email address in our email domain but we forgot which one it is.

Hey Tiemen,
You've reached the community forum - we can't help you with this at all. You should instead contact the Retool support team either in the app or on :-).


Hey @Tiemen! This should be possible to track down :slight_smile: I found an org that belongs to someone with your email domain, but this definitely needs more in depth digging. Following Jonathan's suggestion, feel free to directly reach out to me at this email: