Read-Only User Permission Level

Right now there are Use, Edit, and Own User Permission designations. It would be great to have a Read-Only permission level that doesn't allow any input to components on the page. The only way to currently do this would be to "Disable" every single component based on a user grouping, which is 1) a pain to manage in apps with lots of components and 2) creates clunky UI/UX (e.g. a disabled text box doesn't allow you to scroll if the text is longer than the viewer, which for a Read-Only user we'd want to allow). As of now my workaround is to have a universal "Save" button and just disable that for our Read-Only users, but this doesn't prevent them from accidentally entering data into inputs, just prevents them from saving it to our database.

Thanks for the request! Can you tell me a little more about the use-case for ready-only users? Is it to reference some data in a dashboard? Something else?

The application I'm building is basically a multi-page form where our internal users can enter a variety of data. We want those user's colleagues and supervisors to be able to go in and view the data directly in the UI without accidentally editing anything that's been logged. It's not data that is easily visible in something like a table because of the variety of inputs there are, which is why we'd want to give them read-only access to the UI itself.