Question about users and licences if making a customer facing portal

Hi everyone,

Firstly, I want to be super clear that I’m not asking this question to try and get around Retool licencing or anything like that. I’m planning a potential app and just trying to understand costs.

We use Retool internally, so paying per user is fine and makes total sense.

I’m looking to potentially build a customer facing portal where customers can place orders that go to our team.

The challenge though is that in total there’s probably 50-100 customers that could use the portal; however, the majority of them will never use it, while the highest users would maybe use it once every couple of months. It’s mainly used to do cell phone upgrade orders, so once someone places an order they generally don’t need to again for a couple of years. We want it to be more of a value add for our customers, vs something that's being used by tons of users on a daily basis.

Even if I do self-hosting, is the only option to pay for a licence per customer?