Query URI is malformed if one parameter is omitted

I need to send GET request with omittable parameters for filtering. But if one one of the parameters are omitted, URI being malformed adding "=&" before another param:

"url": "https://new-dev-api.globalchatsystem.com/profiles?=&eyes[]=blue%2Cbrown&hair[]=black%2Cblond&page=1"

I tried using transformer as well but its still malforming it adding "=" in the end expecting to have value below.

What can I do to be able to omit some params so that URL isnt malformed?

Hi @Uulkhan_Mairambek,

Thanks for reaching out! Can you try changing the "" in your conditional logic for the url param keys to null ?

That is working on my side, but let us know if you're still seeing any issues after making that change :slightly_smiling_face: