Ignore when url parameter value is empty?

Hi i got the following app

it have custom filters, so when client fills one or more it should be send as url hash parameter, now its working, but i would like to know if client doesnt fill anything i can make url parameter be empty for that hash?

lets say

client doesnt fill filter Last Name
then url should be retool.com/app#first_name=TEST# without the last_name parameter

is that possible? right now is sending retool.com/app#first_name=TEST#last_name=#filter3=# etc

thank you

I don't believe you can do that in the GUI
You would have to build the URL in a transformer and then use url as link to open in another tab or same tab
Checking for last name....as an example
{{apellido.value != ''?'last_name='+apellido.value:''}}

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the transformer have any other thing like return or let?

Yes you can use return in it

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works good, thank you