{{QUERY.data}} suddenly became inaccessible or null

As below, query ran successfully.

But when I try to reference it it returns null.

It's been working fine till some point.
Actually almost half of my query "data" suddenly became null in transformer.

What is happening and how to fix this??

Hey @KMimpact!

Do you have any transformers attached to your queries? Also, does this seems to happen after you take a particular action within your app or is there anything else that seems to trigger the query data getting set to null? Lastly, are you seeing this specifically in editor mode or does it stop working at some point in preview as well?

Hi @Kabdridas
Thank you for your response.

It turned out that this is because I was configuring wrongly "Disable Query".
Just started with Retool and guess I have lots to learn.

Ah! Nice catch :grin: