Query builder and table


I have created a bigquery resource that is displayed in a table. I would lie to be able to do some filtering and searches in this table using the "query builder" component. Do you have any examples?



Hey @OlivierF!

BigQuery is tricky to use with the Query Builder component since it uses a slightly different SQL syntax. Typically, you'd want to disable prepared statements and then insert the asSql value of your query builder into your query but with BigQuery that doesn't go so well:

It looks like BQ just compares the two values as raw strings instead of what it should be which is a reference to a column and an integer :upside_down_face: You can do some custom parsing to get the SQL to be formatted properly:

But that gets harder as you have more column types.

It might be easier to build your own setup, would you mind sharing a little bit more about what you're trying to do? What schema are you trying to filter on? Is there more than one?

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