Public Apps not loading. Authentication Error

Just today our public users all got errors trying to access our apps. These are apps that haven't been edited. Yesterday was fine and today all different users had the same issue across different apps.
I've had issues with this in the recent past and thought it was limited to a specific app. Is anyone else experiencing the same?

Hiya @jason3w :wave:

Thanks for surfacing this and could you share what kinds of errors these users are seeing when attempting to access your apps?

Also, are you able to recreate this when you attempt to access them both publicly and in edit mode?

In incognito I get this. If I'm logged in don't.

Thank you!

Is this at all related to this thread here?

Regardless, could you please share a JSON export of an app that is experiencing this issue? You can do this by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner and selecting to export to JSON.

Doesn't seem to be, as these apps were working fine yesterday and today are not.
That thread was about another app. I'll send in a message. Thanks

Thanks for clarifying and does this app have any resources that require authentication?

If so, I might suggest checking the option to share credentials among all users in the Resource configuration.

Let me know!

No, as i said these apps where working fine yesterday...