Printing Modal Content from Mobile App

On press of a button in modal I would like to print the Modal content to a wifi / bluetooth conencted Thermal Receipt Printer attached to mobile. How should I go about it? windows.print() not working.

I used all these custom libraries but none of those are available in Script writing in handlers, trasnformers or JS queries. Am I missing something? or none of these are compatiable with Retool?


Hey @Smita!

There currently isn't a way to print directly from Retool. This is being tracked as a feature request though! If you can share more about your use case that would be helpful context for our dev team.

At the moment folks who have used Retool to print have done so by exposing an API that can be hit with a network request (e.g. using a REST query), is that something you've explored already?

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Thank you @Kabirdas . No we haven't explored the REST Query option yet. Could you please send me some pointers how should I go about it?

@Kabirdas sorry didn't respond to first part of your question. The use case is simple we want to Print a cutomer receipt from Retool Mobile App on bluetooh connected Thermal Printer to andriod or ios phone or a tablet.

Hey @Smita!

Unfortunately, I'm not super familiar with printers and the possible APIs that can connect to them :disappointed: happy to do a quick search through some documentation to see if I can find anything though. Are you using a particular brand of thermal printer?