Print barcode label

Any idea how I can print a barcode label in a desktop app without downloading a PDF, the idea is to run a process, get the url image from an API, place the image in the screen and then send it to the printer without any button or user action.

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Hi @Joako_Flores

Thanks for reaching out! I've moved this to feature requests since we don't have a natively supported way of directly printing from Retool. We are tracking requests to allow apps to access the browser's .print() api, so I'll let you know if that ships

There is a related discussion about printing from Retool apps here.

We have utils.downloadFile() and utils.downloadPage(), which makes it possible to download content. Users can then print the content using their local OS.

Alternatively, you can create a custom component which calls the browser's print() API. You can pass the print content into the custom component for printing, although this has limitations in terms of what you can do with formatting (since CORS blocks the creation of iframes inside of a custom component

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+1 for this