Previously-working queries failing with "cb is not a function"

As of about ~30 min ago, most of our existing queries across apps are now returning no results. For some, when I go to edit them, I get the error cb is not a function. Nothing has changed on our end. Ideas?

Hey Jon! What resource type are those queries using? We’re jumping on this right now

Definitely mysql – possibly GraphQL too, though it’s not clear if those are failing due to missing data from the other queries.

Ok, we’ve deployed a fix now- can you confirm if you are still seeing the same behavior?

No, I’m afraid we’re still not seeing any results from queries.

@alex-w Per the other thread, we’re also using an SSH tunnel to a bastion host, if that helps narrow it down.

This should be fixed for SSH tunnels as well now- are you still seeing any issues?

Seems to be back – thanks!

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