All SQL Queries broken overnight

  • Goal:

Query data from psql db using query library queries.

  • Steps:

Before I could pass data of various types in variables to my queries and that would run, now it seems i have to hack it to make it run.
As in, specifically type the values in the queries. Easier to understand with screenshots below.

  • Screenshots:

Example with a ANY clause:

Error I started getting:
Screenshot 2024-05-20 at 15.53.14

What I had to do to make it work:

the same happens with strings, I must now wrap the variables with single quotes for the queries to run.

This has broken almost all my production apps, please help.

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We're getting the exact same issue. Broken a significant number of our apps. Would be great to get some advice/fix ASAP

Hey folks - We haven't deployed any changes since midday Friday, when exactly did you start noticing this behavior change? I see there were some patch requests over the weekend to update that resource, was the prepared statements setting changed with that?

Also looks like you both belong to the same org and am not seeing this logged checking more generally. Specifically seeing 4 updates on 5/18 from @Edward_E

We belong to the same org but different teams: The resource in question on my side is the following (Supabase FAAS DB)

After analysing the 'Update Resource' logs there dont seem to be any relevant changes in the resource. Also, after I untoggled the disable prepared statements the error changed to the standard 0 arguments expected for prepared statements.

nevermind @jmann. all working now. thank you for the prompt solution

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No problem, what turned out to be the issue?

It was indeed the prepared statements checkbox. But there was a mismatch between prod and dev which caused some confusion.

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