Postgres Retool DB auto increment ID

Not sure why when i add a row manually within the Retool Database the auto increment primary key jumps to a new random number? It's in sequence (1 through 4 as in screenshot) when those entries are added within my Retool app. But if i try to add manually within the GUI it jumps to a random number.

Hey @dru_nasty, I just tried this and the exact same thing happened to me, down to the new ID being 34. Hopefully someone at Retool picks this up and a bug gets squashed!

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Hey you two! I'd expect this to be an issue with the id sequence being further along in which case you might try something like

ALTER SEQUENCE "your_sequence_name" RESTART WITH 5;

It seems like too much of a coincidence for you to both be seeing 34 as the next id though, would you mind sharing screenshots of how you have the column configured? I'm also curious to know how you inserted the first 4 rows.

Hey @Kabirdas, I've been able to reproduce this in several of my Retool Database tables, all with the manually added row been assigned an ID of 34, except in tables where the auto-incremented ID had already exceeded 34.

Hey! I did some additional digging and it looks like this may be a result of the way PostgreSQL handles sequences more generally :thinking: Is this causing a particular issue in either of your use cases?

Interesting! It's not really a problem for me, I tend to add dummy data into my Retool database manually on occasion so just something to be aware of. Thanks for your advice!

Here's a look at the settings of that column. The first 4 rows were inserted via a form within my app.

Also, not really a problem since this is only when i'm testing adding rows manually, in production that won't happen. Also noticed when a created my primary key columns, they were set to auto increment, that doesn't show after looking at the settings, just shows as type integer which is strange.

Thanks for sharing :slightly_smiling_face: the auto-incrementing is bound up in expenses_expense_id_seq (a Postgres sequence) being the default value for the field!