Possibility of Capturing webhook URL parameter in Workflows

Using Onfleet Webhooks to pass data to a Workflow and to initially establish/register the webhook in Onfleet, you have to respond with a 200 success that includes a string value Onfleet passes in aURL parameter (?check=random-string rather than a JSON payload :roll_eyes:) upon creation.

Is there any way I can reference this in a Workflow response? I see my options are:


Can't seem to get any data visible in metadata so I'm not sure what it contains.


Hey @vinnie!

URL parameter parsing isn't supported in Workflows webhooks at the moment but the dev team is aware that it's blocking for certain use cases. I can let you know here when it's included!

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@Kabirdas Any chance there's an update on this?

No update yet @alansee!


+1 this too... been requesting this feature since last year.



Thanks for sharing your interest here, everyone! I've passed your +1s along to our eng team. It does sound like the team plans to scope this out soon, but no promises or timelines to share yet :slight_smile: We'll keep sharing updates here as we have any new news.


@vinnie @alansee @eduardo @michaelchiew @MikeCB @norwestern @J0j0 This functionality has been added - it was released on the current version of Cloud (v3.39)! It should be released this week on the self-hosted Edge release v3.39 as well.

Example showing that when triggered by a webhook and it had extra url params, urlParams come back in JSON payload on the startTrigger block:

Thank you for sharing your feedback and interest in this feature!


Just wanted to follow-up on Kayla's reply that the params workflowApiKey and environment are reserved and unavailable in the urlParams field.
The docs have been updated as well with this info: startTrigger block reference | Retool Docs

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