Portal user gets permission error but has owner permission for all resources

I have a Retool Portal app where we have invited one external user and added the permission group External Users. I made sure the External Users permission group had Use all access to resources, but the user still keeps getting this error:

{"data":null,"error":"Bad Request","message":"User does not have permissions to use queries in apps","statusCode":400}

The user is able to access the app and use some resources, but it seems like its one resource which is throwing this error. I even tried updating the access type to Own all for the External Users permission group, but still same thing. Not sure what else to try since I've maxed out the permissions for the resources. It seems to work fine for internal users, but failing for this external user.

Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 9.11.53 AM

Hello @puffpuddy!

That's very odd that the user is able to use other resources but not a single specific one. If they couldn't use any then it would be an easy permissions issue :sweat_smile: however, it seems you did everything right since the external user can use the other resources.

Could you provide me more details about the resource that isn't working? What kind of DB is it connected to? Any screenshots of the setup could be useful for triage on this bug.

A 400 error means the server is perceiving what it thinks is a client error, which means the external user might be missing some kind of token to validate their request.

If we can look at the resource we can see where it might be missing, also do you have access to the DB resource that is failing? The server's error logs might provide additional details on why the server didn't like the request coming in.

Hello @Jack_T I got this working finally - it seems like the issue was related to the query being used in the Query Library. Maybe using Query Library for Retool Portal apps is not allowed? I can't see anything mentioning that in the documentation. Anyways, moving the query out of the Query Library, and instead using the resource directly in the app seems to work.

@puffpuddy glad to hear you got it working!

Yes you are correct, Query Library queries require additional permissions from the Additional tab on that perms page to allow users to access them. Will add a note on this to the docs!

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