Please can you resolve Dates being written to Firestore

Every day, I am struggling to get Retool to write proper dates to Firestore. When I go looking through threads, it's discussion upon discussion from support to try and workaround the issues.

Instead of working around it, PLEASE can you look at properly supporting writing dates as timestamps to Firebase and more importantly, please put something in the documentation.

As much as I love Retool, it is frustrating when you have to keep looking for workarounds for something which should be a very simple experience.

Hi Mulder,

Thanks for the feedback! Sorry to hear this issue has led to some frustration :disappointed: I've shared this feedback internally

Until we have a solution, we have requested that our docs team update the Firestore page. It looks like we used to have this warning, but I'm not sure why it was removed:

There is also currently a bug where the above "workaround" doesn't work within a Retool Workflow (it should work in an app though!). Our team is exploring how to fix these issues within the product