Phone number input

Hi all,

I am trying to properly format phone numbers but have been scratching my head for a while.

I have a column mobile and store local numbers like 1112223333. I simply want to display them in a text input or phone number input like 111-222-4444. I have seen how to display this format using a script on change or focus, but I want the number to display like this at all times.

How can I achieve this?

Hi @Shawn_Optipath,

You can use the "mapped value" option in your column and refer to the value as {{ item }} and apply the same coding that you have used for your change or focus script

Hi @MiguelOrtiz,

That worked for my table column. It seems that in the form linked to the table, it also takes the same format when using the Form data key.

Thank you!

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