Editing mapped value in table


I couldn't find an answer to this question when searching the forum but basically it goes like this:

We have a table that stores phone numbers (US-only) as a string eg. '1234567890'

To make the UI of the app easier to manipulate for our ops team, the number is formatted using the map feature to look like: '(123) 456-7890'. Now if they want to edit the value using bulk update, once they click the cell the value they are manipulating will be the full formatted string including the brackets and whitespace.

Is there a way how to adjust the functionality so that when user select the phone number cell to edit, instead of the mapped value they see the original underlying value without the mapping applied?

Thank you!

@Stekar I am not sure because I haven't had a need to manipulate a US phone number in a table; however, if it can't be done, you could manipulate the data when Bulk updating to return to its original format - my 2 cents.

Hi @Stekar This is something we haven't supported in the past, but we're thinking about it internally!

In the meantime, you could have some logic to refactor their edits, as @ScottR describes. You could also move the editing functionality to a form or separate component:

thanks both! In the end I decided to implement the editing through a separate form to do further validation on the input and make sure the edited number is still valid US number.