Persist 2FA for more than 24 hours

Currently, the 2FA verification on the cloud instance doesn't persist on the dame device for more than 24 hours, and every day I need to go through the 2FA process every day.

Doing it every day from the same device provides no additional security, and it is just an annoyance.

Can you please advise what is the reason that you don't persist the 2FA session for more than 24 hours?


Hi @Yoni_Goldberg, are you and your users being prompted to go through 2FA every time you come to the app or only on logout? In addition, what browser and 2FA service are you using? :thinking:

Actually, it happens every time. If I close the tab and come back, it prompts me again.
Using Chrome and Authy.
Happy to share a loom if we can DM.

Please do! I would love to take a look at what is going on. On the meantime, I'll do some testing on my end.