Performance app recommendation queries

Hi what you guys recommend me

i got a lot of queries, they are all diff tables but linked by one primary Key, = clientID, my question will be, you recommend me leave the app like that or maybe create one big query with multiple joins to get almost all info in one query? that will be more than 100 columns.

right now im using postgresql

thank you

It really depends on when you need the data in each of the queries... you could also create a VIEW in the db and select on that when you need instead of running all queries separately... tough to say because I don't know your app well enough

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Sounds good. Basically i got one query to list clients

  1. Query to get jobs from those client
  2. To get personal reference
  3. Any discounts they have as its a loan company

They are all diff tables

So you say i can combine that in a view in postgresql? Like many Joins in one query?

Yes, this can be done so long as you have a key(clientID) in each table that you can JOIN on....

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