Perform bulk delele on google sheet

Hi , is there a way to perform bulk delete on google sheet ?

Currently you cannot. Feature request was made in this post.

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@Niv Currently, we don't expose this option for security reasons. You may be able to do this by connecting to the Sheets rest api instead of using our integration, or you could loop through a list and trigger a single delete for each one

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Hey thanks for answering ,
How can I pass additionalScope param to google sheet query ?
I don't see the additionalScope option inside a google sheet resouce .As far as I understood I need to declare those params inside the resource and I cannot locate that option.

Hi @Niv,

Declaring them in the sheets query is not necessary. You'll just need to wrap the variable in double curlies {{}}. It will show as red/undefined, but this is because it will get defined when you run the Javascript query and pass in the variable

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