Filter google sheet rows using additional scope var

Goal: Filter rows using additional scope var
I tried to trigger a google sheet query using

  await RemoveContact.trigger({
    additionalScope:  {
          linkedinUrl: "url"

the linkedinUrl inside the filters in red underlined and throws error when running the trigger.
is there any way to filter google sheet rows using the var?

Hello @Niv!

Could you share what error you get when running the query? Does it show the same error when you preview the query as when you run the query?

If you could provide a screenshot of the whole query that would help me narrow down what the issue could be.

While I was trying to reproduce the bug, the only google sheets query type that has the "Filters to match row" input type as shown in your screen shot is "delete a single row from a spreadsheet" so just wanted to confirm that's the query action you are entering the linkedinUrl into.

My initial guess was that you might have to grab the value by putting in {{additionalScope.linkedinUrl}} so let me know if that works or gives different errors.

Also where are you grabbing the "url" variable inside of additionalScope from? Where is your await code block at the top running?

I was able to find some docs about using 'additionalScope' in a query here, let me know if it is able to help.