PEM_read_bio_PrivateKey error when connecting to an AWS RDS database with SSL/TLS

Hey Retool Community,

As title states, we are getting the error "PEM_read_bio_PrivateKey" when using SSL/TLS to connect to an PostgreSQL database hosted in AWS RDS. The UI reports this error when using the Test Connection button as well as attempting to use the database in any area of the app.

AWS's official certificate bundle files are published on this page here. Specifically we are using their global-bundle.pem. We took great care to make sure that the file was not corrupted between downloading locally, and then using Retool's web UI to add the bundle to the SSL/TLS section of the database config.

To state all the facts: We are also connecting through an SSH Proxy, but that part is working well, no issues.

The workaround is to disable SSL/TLS connection and connect to the RDS instance insecurely. We had to create a temporary exception with the security team to accomplish this.

2 months ago, someone posted a similar issue but then ghosted: SSL Connection Using PEM and CER files