PDF Viewer in Mobile?

There appears to be no PDF viewer in Mobile.

If I have the PDF's base64 (it is in Retool Storage) is there a way to maybe spawn the phone's PDF viewer so my user can see it?

You can pass the base64 contents to the utils.downloadFile API, which will open the system share sheet and the PDF file can be opened with any installed app. On iOS I found the "Markup" action in the share sheet is pretty good for viewing a PDF file.

I am probably missing something obvious, but this does not work in IDE or on my phone. I am not getting an error. I have verified that the values are correct using a console.log().

      base64Binary: restGetFileContents.data.base64Data, 
      fileName: listProjectFiles.selectedItem.file_name,
      fileType: listProjectFiles.selectedItem.file_type

Edit: To clarify, nothing at all happens when this is run.

@bradlymathews - it looks like utils.downloadFile doesn't work on web mobile (but does work on native mobile)! We're working on it :slight_smile: