PDF Viewer base64 not rendering in component

I have a power automate flow that returns a document in base64.

Looks something like this...
CleanShot 2023-10-18 at 10.56.45@2x
I have other base64 values that will render in the viewer, but am not sure why this one isn't. Is there a way to assess why? Here's a copy of what the document looks like (if that helps).

I agree with this. I had the same problem a while ago.
I'm sure there's something we missed or its a bug.

Then I switched to Microsoft Graph API and stopped looking for a solution.

Can you share a clearer image of the config of the pdf viewer (your second image). I'd like to see where you set the base64 value in the component. It's cut off and didn't show where you set the value.

Just to confirm, the PDF viewer doesn't display this base64 string but can display other base64 strings you have?

Yes, I set the base64 value from a API response.

Then, when I access the value from the PDR viewer, it shows the string depicted above. Here are a few shots of what I set the File URL value to be and you can see that the base64 value is showing but not rendering in the component.

Yes, here's one example if not working using a base64 value returned from power automate.

Here's an example of it working when returned from a different service (using Anvil PDF filler)

Hm, PDF base64 strings usually start with JVBERi0. Is manifest a valid PDF base64 string?


Great catch! I went back and debugged, the file wasn't properly converted to PDF. Once I did that, it returned a base64 value starting with JVB.