Triggering non-js queries with variables

I have a REST query with variables:

I wanted to trigger this from a JS query and provide values for those variables. I first tried to do this using additionalScope hoping that values provided here would be mapped to those variables.

However, I could see that the variables were still undefined.

The "trick" is that, while the values in additionalScope are not automatically provided as variable values, you can extract the values from additionalScope and provide those as the value of the variables yourself :face_with_spiral_eyes:


I'd love it if we could trigger queries with variables without the duplicative work here. At the very least, it would be great to see this documented more clearly with respect to accessing additionalScope outside of the context of a JS query!

You have to use a js query to pass the parameters into the API and the API should have name and value pairs.

Hey @Elliott!

This should work as you have it initially constructed.

If you are still having issues getting this to work without using the Query Library, let me know!