Parse array of json (jsonarray)

I have a query that fetches data from firebase db
I am trying to query sub-collections.
I did a map, to get the sub collection
But now i have an array, and i still need to show all the values under 0 and under collection id and both are variables. Usually i would do a loop to loop over all values.
How can i do that here?

Uhmmm this looks like just a transformation question but can you give an example of what you really want the output to be ?

Are you expecting an object like

    "-MR021-r5UKBmeSRRxZj" : { ...} ,
    "<the second key>": {...}  .....
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I just need to have a table that has columns
authentication, containers, deployed_by, ingress, ingress_url …

and another table that shows everything under containers too