Page Crashes from last few days

Hi there,

From last few days I'm encountering issues with other apps. When I open them, the page crashes with a message Aw Snap. I thought this problem is with the app which has many queries and heavy interface, and that app was working great few days back.

So, I have built an app which has simple and light weighted interface. but when I update any query and save the query, the page crashes. Even if I add tag dropdown into my table the same happens. The table is not large enough. only 44k rows.

I thought this might be an device issue due to lack of memory even when I have enough memory. So, I have tested on a high-end device, and issue was the same.

Don't know if this is a bug from retool or my device issue.

I have the screen recorded for the issue. But forum doesn't allows to upload videos. Is there any way if someone can look at it?

Hey @flintrider!

Would you mind sharing a screenshot of your table settings? I'm particularly interested if you have overflow set to scroll, but knowing more information about how you have your columns configured would be great too!

Sure @Kabirdas,
These are the settings which we have.

Just want to add a note for folks who happen to stumble across this thread! It looks as though there are some performance issues with the Tag column that are being looked into by the dev team. As those are resolved I'll pass along updates here!

Hi, have the Tag issues been resolved?

Hey @rmirchandani! Tag columns should be significantly more performant in the new table!

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