Override Callback in Resource setup with Oauth2

Have a resource that is using Oauth2 to authenticate. I'm using the local trial to test somethings out, however i'm hosting Retool on port 55000. Whenever I auth through Oauth2 provider, it is redirecting back to localhost:3000. Is there anyway to override this callback url?

Hey @devoverlord!

Happy to help here! I believe this is based on the BASE_DOMAIN environment variable, if you update this does this callback URL also change for you?

Hey Chris,

So i got this to work, but I'm not sure which thing I did fixed it.

  1. I went ahead and signed up for a Startup License. I was previously running local with the LOCAL-TRIAL-ONLY key (I think I spelled that correctly)
  2. I downloaded the app as json that i'd build and nuked the Postgres container and its volume. After it came up, it detected the BASE_DOMAIN value I'd set and I was able to shutdown the ssh tunnel I'd setup. I'm running this on a server in the room next to me instead of my computer, hence the need for a domain of some sort to use that points to the IP Address for that box. The SSH tunnel was really laggy

Hey @devoverlord — I believe the BASE_DOMAIN being detected here would be the change that fixed this! :slight_smile: