ORM inside of Retool

Has anyone tried intergrating an ORM for dealing with data in Retool? I am thinking about possible ways to use Sequelize within retool to fetch data.

Has anyone done this and how successful was it?

Hi @georgeoffley I haven't come accross this use case before. Care to share more about using an ORM in Retool? We will see if our community has anything to offer here. Have you tried importing the library and gotten anywhere?

Hello @Amanda, thanks for responding. I have not been able to get it to work as of yet. However, I understand that the sequelize tool will attempt connection to a database which I don't think retool likes. I think it will only connect to a database by using the queries and all the JS runs in a sandbox.

What I am looking for is an easier way to write SQL queries. When working in an app you don't write raw queries you're using an ORM to model your data and call read and writes. In our case, we use Sequelize to write all our migrations and actions using TypeScript.

Is there possibly some type of middle ground where we query data using SQL but still use custom code to model the data?

Hello @georgeoffley
´╗┐You are right, the sandbox limitation does prevent connecting. Would you be able to send us an email at support@retool.com or write to us in in-app chat? Or if you want to continue here whatever works! It would be great if you can share with us some on your use case and the types of read/writes in which you're looking to gain the power of an ORM from. The more detailed you can be the better with regards to the use case you have in mind for us supporting this feature. Thanks!