Ordering Keys in Key-Value

Hey @kiano! Ack, I'm sorry to hear you're still running into this. We haven't prioritized this just yet, but I'll let the team know you checked in :+1:

Hi @Victoria – I'm also seeing this issue, and it's a bit of a pain – is it in the queue to be fixed?

Once the data is over a certain size, the key-value component starts to loop back around to add new rows to the top, and then with sufficient data it starts to insert in different places as it iterates over the object.

Should be easy to replicate – capture attached of the behaviour on a manual data entry, same behaviour is seen when it's being populated from a query.

(This happens without making any sidebar dragged adjustments to the key order – for my app, my data order is set in the GraphQL query).


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Update! :tada: We're releasing a new Key Value component (check out our announcement post!), which we are planning on rolling out to Cloud starting this week. This new component should respect the original order of the data by default and I hope it solves all the sorting issues mentioned in this thread :crossed_fingers: Thank you all for all your patience here.

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