Opening message in chatbox using 'empty state'

Within the chatbox component I want add a message on the AI chatbot can do. The best solution is that that the AI could start with an opening message like "Hi, I'm ... I can answer questions about ..." but that is not possible.

The work around that I am using now involves the empty state addon of the chatbox. The problem is that it can't handle large sentences... (see screenshot). There are no styling options available.

Is there a different solution/work around?

I tried a lot of workarounds but none of them work :frowning: .
If anyone found something, much appreciated!

Hello, you can do something like this

here is a post related to Custom CSS

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Hello @Usman_Shani ,

Yes, I agree, if you must use a significant amount of content in the Empty State, then updating the CSS is the best option as highlighted by @Oscar_Ortega , however this will expose you to some necessary updates for future releases since the classes and ids are quite dynamic in Retool(you have probably already seen this when viewing the HTML).

  • Brett