OpenAPI specification does not refresh on update


The OpenAPI resource doesn't manage API specification changes correctly. There should be a way to refresh the spec if its changed.

A workaround is to;

  1. Toggle Forward headers when fetching OpenAPI spec.
  2. Save Changes
  3. Toggle again
  4. Save changes

This seems to force a reload of the spec.

Can we add an easier way to do this? Thanks.

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Just adding a +1 that we are experiencing this issue. Your workaround works excellently but would love a simple refresh, similar to how the Postgres resource has a way to refresh the schema.

Hey folks! As of version 3.0 OpenAPI resources should have a refresh schema button similar to Postgres resources, are you both on that version or higher and finding that this doesn't work or is it not showing up at all?

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Thanks for the hint.

This button is super hidden. Even after seeing this, it took me a long second to actually find the button. I naturally expected it in the "edit resource" panel instead of the schema, and needed this forum thread to even find that button.

Thanks @jeengbe! I've passed along this UX feedback to the eng team. Glad that this forum topic was at least helpful to point you in the right direction! The team will take your input into consideration for any future improvements in visibility/discoverability of the refresh schema button.