OpenAPI spec freezes browser tab


there seems to be a bug in Retool when trying to use specific OpenAPI Spec in the OpenAPI resource. I'm trying to create an OpenAPI resource from the following spec:

Just dropping that link in the "Specification URL" input will freeze your browser tab forever being stuck at 100% CPU usage and needs to be killed. I've tried it in several different browsers over several different OS and behavior is consistent, thus I strongly believe that's an issue in Retool.

Any help getting this run would be highly appreciated.


Hey @tim-airbyte! I'm able to reproduce the issue with that spec url, but the resource type in general is working with other urls. It's likely due to the size of that spec, which is quite large. The OpenAPI library that we use to resolve the spec is having issues resolving it. I have submitted a bug report for this internally and can update you here as there is any additional information to share.