OpenAI resource type in query stuck on Loading spec

Hello, since yesterday's downtime, we are having a new retool problem where when we try to make a new query of type "OpenAI", the options cannot load because it is stuck "loading spec".

I have confirmed that our API key with openai is healthy and well.

Notably, this was working before yesterday (Jan 4th's) issues.

I don't see where in the openAI resource configuration I could configure any other kind of spec anyway.

Hi @Bill_Boulden! Thank you for reporting the issue! We're looking into it and it should be fixed soon!

Thank you Harry! Please keep me posted, this morning it is still spinning.

Hi @Bill_Boulden. We're still working on fixing it. In the mean time, you can visit the resource page and choose the 1.3.0 API version. It should be working with 1.3.0 version.

Update: This issue should be fixed by now. It should be possible to use API v2.0.0 now.