OpenAI Model Selection Parameter

Can you allow for the ability to choose the specific model as part of the request?
Whether it be an earlier stable build of GPT4 or maybe the latest and greatest preview "gpt-4-1106-preview"

" * You can access GPT-4 Turbo by passing gpt-4-1106-preview in the API, with a stable production-ready model release planned later this year."

Using the OpenAI resource, you can specify the model and it should work with any model that OpenAI supports

Hey @Harry_Doan - is there an option to select the latest preview on the Retool AI?

I don't have 32k access currently

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@Oliver_Sanusi_Bartlett Sorry, we currently only support rolled out model in Retool AI. For now, please set up your own OpenAI resource to try it. I'll bring it back to the team though to see whether we should support preview version.