Onboard new users when added in the 'users' table?


I'm trying to find a way to onboard on the go new users to a mobile app I've built on Retool.
For now, everything is manual as I add emails to a users group dedicated to the use of the mobile app. Problem is it's manual and when my client will roll out to hundreds of new users, it's not going to be effective.

Is there a way to invite people as soon as they're added to a 'users' table? I'm using Retool DB and will soon or later replace it by Firestore DB.

Besides this, I'm also experiencing many difficulties for the first login as the new user can log to the app through his/her magic link but rarely can use the app right away as nothing shows up on the screen. It takes many log ins and outs before the mobile app kind of sets itself up. Any idea why?


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