Offer differnt users different views

I've got an inventory/order tracking app that I want several different users to use. I don't want all the users to be able to access all of the information though. Basically, I don't want staff member A to be able to access info on warehouse B - currently, I have multiple separate apps that have access provisioned, but when I update one, I have to apply those same updates to the other and it gets clunky.

Is there a way that I can segment access within a specific app? Am I able to key in on the user somehow?

Not a perfect solution, but what if your DB had a warehouse ID that was randomly generated or a UUID ('914af9-9395a'), and the top of your form had a field to put that in, and you used it in your WHERE id={{formInput}} in all your queries, and then basically that 'key' is what the users need to put in first to 'log in' and you keep it private to these users?

@aleakos what about hiding certain components/columns/etc based on the permission group of a user?

Screen Shot 2021-05-28 at 2.54.21 PM

if both users have the same access level, but are at different locations would this still work?

this solution should help though, i didn't know you could access groups this way

thanks for this, i'd bhave to explore how this would work but this could work