OAuth API in Workflow - JWT Decoding Error

I'm creating a Retool Workflow that pulls in call/email data from the Outreach API. I've set up the resource using their OAuth2 authentication and it works if I press the run button the individual API block. However, if I press the global run button then I get
Error evaluating query4: {"error":"Invalid JWT token.","description":"The JWT token could not be decoded."}

I've never seen this before and not sure where to start. Thanks!

Hey @astringfellow! Would you mind sharing a screenshot of your resource auth setup? (feel free to redact any secrets :slightly_smiling_face:)

As a quick note, OAuth2 currently only works with Workflows when the "Share user auth" box is checked, essentially just authorized on the server side.

Hey Victoria, I also replied via email but here is the screenshot

Perfect, thank you for sending this!

And sorry you had to send twice—often, if users reply to community posts directly, messages get sent to an email that doesn't come directly to us.

I passed the screenshot along to the Workflows team to see if they know where to go from here (since I'm actually a little stumped!)

Thanks and not to worry! I actually caught a small typo in the callback API I had provided to Outreach

No! Way!!! So happy to hear that :slight_smile:

All is working as expected now?


Awesome. Thank you for the update and sorry again for all the time it took to resolve this.

Write back in anytime!