OAuth 2.0 Refresh Token

I'm having trouble connecting to the Google API through Retool Resources.

  • I have configured all accesses and keys on the Google Management Console side
  • created a resource with OAuth 2.0 authentication as required by the Google Slides API
  • I try to connect to it and I see "Connected" on the resource page, but when I open the popup with token statuses, they are all old, and requests return a 401 error

-Also if i finally done with previous bullets, i have problem with Refresh Token - it doesnt work and we got Unauthorized error.

Could somebody explain how to set up credential to be always Logged In and not go to the Resources to submit Google Connect window?

Hi @arkinst, welcome to the forum! :wave:
I wonder if they may be expired due to a region issue. Depending on where you are located, try setting up Outbound Regions to the closest location to you, and see if it makes a difference.