Google oauth is not persistent

Hi !

  • Goal: I would like to use the Gmail API with shared credential between users and without the need to re-authenticate every day.

  • Steps: I did that

But it seems I have no refresh token.

I have to "Reconnect with Auth" every day :frowning:

In Google Console

Is there a trick to keep an oauth for 3 years?

My best!

Hi @Floo, let's try changing the "Prompt" setting for the OAuth 2.0 Part.

From our docs:
"Google requires the URL parameters access_type=offline and prompt=consent to obtain refresh tokens, so you should include these in your Auth URL variable."

Change the "Prompt" from "None" to "Consent"

That should do the trick.

Let us know how it goes! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh thank you!

I try it and say here if it works :slight_smile:

It seems to work!

Thank you very much <3

What do you think about adding this information in the documentation here

and here

(in the shared OAuth tab) ?

If you need a persistent authentification set the `prompt` to `Consent`, it allows Retool to get the refresh tokens.

Have a nice day!

Thank you for your feedback! I'll extend it internally. :slightly_smiling_face: