OAuth 2.0 Access Token Not Refreshing

It seems like there are a bunch of topics about how an OAuth 2.0 resource is not automatically creating a new Access Token based upon a valid Refresh Token. I find that the OAuth 2.0 flow works great for the initial authorization, but as soon as the Access Token expires (35 minutes later), I need to automatically generate a new Access Token based upon the previous refresh token. Can Retool support this requirement?

If you click Get Token Status you see this modal:

The problem is the token does not refresh.

The text states "These are the current OAuth tokens for your resource. Revoking tokens can help with testing your apps, e.g. revoke an access token to test the refresh flow for a resource." What methods are available to test besides manual reauthorization?

Here is one of many articles regarding the inability to refresh the access token:

Any guidance would be appreciated.

So I answered my own question, and it does work nicely. If you simply expand Advanced, the Access token lifespan can be set.


This was not documented on the Configure API Authentication page, hopefully, the Retool team can make the necessary updates :wink:.

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Hey @Quinlan_Eddy thanks so much for adding this question -- and solution! -- to the forum. I've logged this feedback with our documentation team as well. It will be great to add mention of the Access token lifespan setting in our docs. In the meantime, appreciate you sharing this here so others searching for the same thing are likely to find this post. :bowing_woman:

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@Quinlan_Eddy A mention of Access token lifespan is now in this doc, thanks again for suggesting we add that!