Not applicable when setting tag label(bug)

Not applicable when setting tag label(bug)

Sometimes tags don't appear at all.

Hey @honoru!

This is a bug on our end, I've filed a report and can let you know here when it has been fixed. In the meantime, can you try turning on the "Editable column" toggle and then setting "Read only" to true? This will still make the column uneditable but hopefully, the tags will render properly for you. Below is a screenshot of an example configuration:

Let me know if that works?

sadly not

Does the same happen if you set the "Data source" to {{ currentColumn }}? You'll want to first click the "fx" button to be able to provide the value as a transformer and then make sure the "Option value" field is either blank or set to {{ item }}

Just want to circle back here to let folks know that tag column labels should be fixed as of 2.100.1 for cloud orgs and 2.100.2 for self-hosted orgs!