Not able to color the avatar in a table

Hi there :wave:

I'm trying to set the color of an avatar in a table, but it doesn't seem to work. I'm on the self-hosted version of Retool 3.0.1.

When I try to change the color, nothing seems to happen:

When I change the type to Tag, the color does seem to be applied correctly.

Any help is much appreciated!

Hi @Kabirdas and @victoria!

Apologies for the direct tag, but any chance you could help me with this? It's been a couple days and haven't been able to solve this seemingly easy task.

Any help is much appreciated :pray:

Hi @avr I don't think we support changing the color yet :disappointed: I'll submit a feature request for this!

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I believe the blue in your second screenshot would show if you make column "User" editable and then click into the dropdown