New Table (vs Legacy Table) displayedData with Filter

I am fairly new to ReTool.
When searching for help I find information on the Legacy Table.
However I would like to use the new table.
How to I get a count of rows after a filter is applied?
The legacy table had an easy property .displayedData

How can I get this with the new table? Is there a work around? The row count at the bottom of the table shows the post-filter count. Do I have access to that?


Hi @Liz_Bellinghoven - Thanks for posting on the community! The displayedData property does not have an equivalent in the new table but there are some suggested workarounds from my colleague, Tess in this thread here. I have also linked this thread to the existing feature request to surface a property including the filtered row count.

Hope this answers your question!

Hi @Liz_Bellinghoven Just letting you know we just added a method for getting the displayedData :slightly_smiling_face: More info here