New table Filter is not listing all the possible filter optionis

Yesterday, a list of all the useable filters would be displayed when opening the operator dropdown in a toolbar's filter, but now the only ones being displayed are the currently active filter, includes, does not include, is, is not, is empty, and is not empty. The list of expected filters is still available via setting a filter through another component's event in the editor.

Hi @Daniel_Fleuranvil Can you share an export of this app, or a screenshot of how this column is set up? I haven't been able to reproduce this issue :thinking:

Here is an export of a table I made to display this difference. A few of the possible properties of User are not available from the filter toolbar but they can be changed via other components.
Test.json (72.1 KB)

Thanks so much!

I reached out to our team about this internally & will follow up here if I get any updates

Would the filter component work in the meantime?

Yes, the original table this is for wasn't relying on the manual filters besides for testing purposes, but I thought it was noteworthy for other possible uses.

Ah well I'm glad you're not blocked on anything. Yes, definitely helpful for us to investigate!