New Select inputs support arrays of objects

It seems like the old deprecated Select inputs supported an array of objects, so the "Values" could be like {{formatDataAsArray(}}

however for the new Select input, this does not work and gives the error: "Must be an array of strings, numbers, booleans, null, or undefined."

Hello Byron!

Thanks for your feedback. I'm excited to share that we are actively working on this feature, and hope to release it soon. Our old solution was not very performant, and built specifically for Select and Multiselect. We wanted to design something more extensible--so that all "Select inputs" can support it--and performant, hence the delay.

Tomorrow, as a first step, we will be adding selectedIndex and selectedIndexes to all Select inputs, allowing use cases like:

// in the inspector for "select"
values: {{{ id }) => id) }},
labels: {{{ name }) => name) }},

// previously: a transformer selectedUser
const id = {{ select.value }}
const users = {{ }}
return users.find(user => === id)

// now: a transformer selectedUser
const selectedIndex = {{ select.selectedIndex }}
const users = {{ }}
return users[selectedIndex]

To be a bit more concise.

In the coming weeks, we will be adding additional features to make it even easier to configure. Looking forward to sharing more!