New row on table does not submit

When creating a new row on a table with the + button, and then trying to save the row, nothing happens. There are no errors in the console. From what I can gather, creating a new row in a table with the + button and filling out the information doesn't populate recordUpdates property for the table component. At which point it looks like the handler on the button exits if recordUpdates is null or has length 0. At least, this is my theory, it's hard to debug production code, the source maps look commented out. Still, the end result is the same, clicking the Save Changes button doesn't do anything, silently.

onSaveChangesClick: () => {
    var e;
    const { model: t, onSaveChanges: o, onSaveNew: n } = this.props,
        s = [],
// checks recordUpdates for existence and length 0, which is demonstrably 0
        a = (null === (e = t.get("recordUpdates")) || void 0 === e ? void 0 : e.length) && o,
        l = t.get("newRow") && n;

e: actually I think I was a bit mistaken on the cause. It looks like it adds onSaveNew function to the list of promises if there is a newRow property on the table, which there is. It might be because onSaveNew isn't getting passed in, as there's a null check on that as well. That's extremely difficult to debug in production.


Hey there :wave: I am linking you the breakdown we have in our docs for reference. Curious if you added a query on row select when you saved the new row?

Just like you mentioned, you should be able to access the data through {{ table1.newRow.* }}

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that document url is broken :frowning:


Thanks for letting me know! I just updated the link :slightly_smiling_face: